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Sometimes waking up early is quite nice. The sun is out, and so is no-one else. It’s quite calm and peaceful…Lewisham actually looks very pretty at the moment. Anyway, I’ve had enough of that particular sleep session. Most of it seemed to be spent dreaming about moving out of our house and into a skip…because it’s cheaper.

On thursday I managed to break my ‘unbreakable’ glasses. An old friend, Tina, whom I hadn’t seen for many months was down and so she was lucky enough to be able to accompany me to the opticians to get the frame fixed. Sorry Tina… The optician didn’t want to replace them, and instead decided to take the piss. Fair enough I suppose…must get pretty boring playing with glasses all your life.
The ‘memoflex’ part of the glasses had apparently started to rot away. His unarguable response was
“well when we sold them to you, we didn’t know you were going to sweat all over them..”

….You fat bastard ?

Well I’m happy to take this one to the papers, court, or the end of my life. But, in my opinion:

  • Memoflex is a rip-off, and not worth buying.
  • Vision Express Lewisham is run by wankers
  • Certain scottish opticians should sort their facial warts out before attempting to insult customers based on their appearance
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