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The older I get, and the more buggered my brain becomes, the more I seem to like RRRROCK type music (this includes all musical genres that have a brainless sort of “yeah man lets rock” attitude). Maybe this is one of the reasons why the death of Jam Master Jay upset me so much this week. Run DMC (and the Beastie Boys) was the first proper concert I ever went to see. I always though JMJ was the coolest member of RunDMC too – in fact maybe that’s why he had to die.

Well it turns out that SpecSavers are as good, as Vision Express are (in my opinion) crap. Today I had an eye test and managed to

  • Get a new pair of frames and lenses
  • Get another new pair of frames with my old, lovely lenses cut into them
  • Not have the piss taken out of me for being a fatty

all for less than I paid for that pair of wanky memoflex.

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