More than I can chew

An error of judgment led me to take on more work recently. In fact, it can’t fairly be called an error of judgment really because it’s far more stupid than that. Totally and inexcusably stupid. What was I thinking ? I don’t even need the money. I certainly don’t need any more stress.
So I spent the entire weekend working on a critical, heavily used server and essentially caused myself to be responsible for a load of stress for a load of ex-workmates/friends. This, of course, led to a load of self-inflicted stress for me too. Everyone lost.
Note to self – find some way to give up work in favour of wealthy indolence. I wish I was Bertie Wooster.

It’s easy to look back through claret-coloured glasses and think “ah well, it wasn’t so bad after all”. But it really was at the time. It brought back horrific memories of past work crises and made me realise that I don’t want to do any of this any more. Tough shit I know.

But, we did find enough time on Saturday night to watch Harry Hill, Hot Fuzz, and eat a typically delicious curry (King Prawn Butterfly, Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi, Sag Paneer, Keema Naan) whilst Humph charmed us with her comical avian antics.

Tonight I was out doing some more, different, work. But that was almost fun by comparison. Installing debian on an HP server, even over ADSL, is a positively life-affirming experience.

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