More geekiness – skip it if you’re straight

Lee is owed several pints for introducing me to trickle/trickled. It lets you limit bandwidth per process in the most simple way imaginable! So I can still download the original TV series of Whoops Apocalypse and use the Internet at the same time! Joy!

While trickled was throttling my bittorrents, I did some work on “the application”. To the observer, I have managed to make a small dialog-box appear when you click on a button. What the observer cannot observe is that

  • The button is an image on an html page which is rendered in a browser object which, in turn, is embedded in a C application.
  • The HTML page is sent to the browser by a nanoscopic HTTP server in the application that also contains a very basic in-page scripting engine.
  • Clicking the button actually causes a javascript HTTP connection (AJAX stuff 🙂 to the HTTP server.
  • The server takes the parameters supplied by the HTTP request and displays them in a dialog box.

The fact that it looks like the button causes the pop-up makes me happy because no-one can tell it’s HTML!

Anyway…that aside…

The manure of violent verbal abuse helped produce fruit within Arcel Force. Last night I got a call from the local depot by an apologetic bloke who promised a delivery today…despite being told the drivers don’t work on saturday. And so, today I received my new digital camera! Wooohoo! OK I had to put up with the delivery guy trying to justify his previous lies by lying to me even more, but I don’t care about that – I just wanted what I’d paid for. And it’s a cracker! Rest assured that there will be a nausiating quantity of boring pictures of Humphrey RSN.

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