Microshit, WordPress, Charlie Brooker, George Orwell and Electricity

Some stuff:

  • After spending far too much time trying to get some perfectly correct CSS to work in IE8 this afternoon, it’s nice to know that Microsoft is abandoning its lame blog-hosting service so that it can concentrate on The Kin The Tablet…something or other. Instead, they will be migrating their user-base to the free, open-source, everything-they-stand-against-but-works-better-than-any-of-their-shit: WordPress.
  • Charlie Brooker has written a lovely description of why sport sucks which is satisfyingly reminiscent of George Orwell’s discussion of “The Sporting Spirit”.
  • Matt Taibbi, the disproportionately high quality journalist for Rolling Stone, has written a description of how the astroturf “Tea Party Movement” came to be. Read to the end.
  • Walking from the bus-stop on Ridge down to our home is a surprisingly pleasurable experience. Not only because it is downhill, but because it gives a lovely perspective on our life: we live on a friendly street.
    On reaching our home tonight, I was surprised to see how many people were on their porches/stoops; our neighbour, Denise, told me why:the power was out. So after shouting some swearwords, I stumbled into our dark house and tried to find the Megatorch [flashlight]. The Megatorch had evidently run out of batteries, because that is what they do, but I managed to get enough light to find the wine, and a glass, and rejoin our neighbours on the porch.
    It was a lovely evening, and I was really enjoying the outside air when the lights came back on. The cheer from the surrounding area was more impressive than anything provoked by any sporting event I can remember. We are all slaves to electricity.

But the Internet is awesome, isn’t it?

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