Another lacklustre update:

  • Last week my dad told me about an article in New Scientist concerning flaws in mathematics. After reading it I have become fascinated with Gödel and the incompleteness theorems. It took several readings of some excellent on-line publications before I understood how he did it, but once you understand, you cannot help but appreciate what a genius the man was. Not only did he put a spanner in the works of all philosophy and mathematics, he did it in a most sneaky, brilliant and legitimate way. He was a true Hacker. It turns out that I share a birthday with him – if you ever needed proof against astrology then that should do it. The Philadelphia Free library has several copies of Gödel, Escher, Bach; one of which is going to arrive in my local library rsn.
  • Bruce Schneier has a typically brilliant analysis of the professionally created worm that’s currently scaring people.
  • Why did no-one tell me there was a new series of New Tricks?
  • Firefly turns out to be as good as people have been saying! For geeks, think Blakes 7 crossed with Deadwood – except that the swearing is in Mandarin.
  • Why did no-one tell me there was a new series of Phoneshop?

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