Good Telly

Last night was Tellytastic. Firstly, I’d taken out copy of Viva Zapata. Superb, despite the unescapable Hollywood glitz.
Then BBC four’s take on the 60’s. “Why I hate the 60s” was the antidote to all of those nostalgic montages about sexual liberation, positivity and revolution. This was followed by a particulrly cynical episode of Steptoe and Son where Harold was attempting to be the local Labour candidate.
Finally, Dennis Potter’s excellent Stand Up Nigel Barton.
Oddly, and without wanting to sound trite, Zapata, Steptoe and Nigel Barton all seemed uncannily relevant to today, despite all being set in very different eras.
When people smugly slag-off TV as a whole, they really need to try flipping channels and shutting thier mouths.

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