Damn skippy I’m wid it

Sometimes I feel good about the world. Admittedly this usually occurs after a couple of bottles of wine, but nonetheless it is still worthy.
Being married to Michele is good for so many reasons. Apart from her being beautiful, intelligent and all that, we also agree on a lot. The longer we live together, the more we tend to agree on things including politics, religion, and music. In fact, is there anything else ?
Now and again, we end up putting music on and dancing around like a couple of fools. It’s so nice to know someone else who loved Hip-Hop at 15 and Led Zep a couple of years later. The fact I bought my first Run DMC T at 15 makes me feel superior to most of the others in my age group 😉 The fact that Michele was also playing PE around the same time also makes me think happy thoughts.

OK, we’re in our thirties and have no assets whatsoever – but isn’t that something to be proud of ? Regardless, I’m still preparing for the great cop-out…
P.S. Michele used an Eric B and Rakim quote for her Columbia University Yearbook (no she wasn’t a little rich girl, she was just very clever)

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