The more you love someone, the more difficult it becomes to care for them. Michele has gone away for training in Exeter, and I’m left alone with my dear Humphrey. I love them both, and therefore worry about them both when I have to go to work. Michele is in a luxury hotel, surrounded by beautiful coutryside, with crow’s nests outside her bedroom and gourmet meals at the taxpayer’s expense. Lucky girl. Humph is at home, on her own, while I work in my office, controlling computers that are in another room.
It’s a shame that Michele’s away because she’s going to miss my birthday. Not that I’m happy about turning 34 or happy about my little sister turning 30 (she’s only 10!) but because I plan to eat a wicked south Indian curry that night…and I know she’d love it.

Friday afternoon was due to be a double celebration. Not only was Raaaach moving to more verdant pastures, but also Ian was a year older. So Ian and I took the afternoon off work so that we could enjoy the stupidly complete cheese-board Adele had organised. It was heart-crushingly good! Thanks!
Today was the first day back at work, and the first day of term. Consequently, Ian, Llynos, Paula and I went for a few drinks after work. So nice. Humph was very happy to see me when I got home though. Lovely bird. I gave her some nice seeds. Good bird.

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