Daily Mail: Busted

There is so much to write about and there are so many unwritten blog ideas that this entry seems a bit slight. Sorry, I’m crap. But then again, it exists and is therefore far better than the ideas on their own…sorry

I’ve just had a massive shock; Keith Allen was presenting tonight’s religious poncefest: The Manchester Passion. This is part of the hugely hypocritical celebrations the Government forces the BBC to indulge in, also known as Easter. If you want to examine the real history of these celebrations you will need to go back far further than 2000 years unfortunately. After that it is up to you to ask whether easter is actually:

  • A celebration of Christ’s death and resurrection for our sins or some such shit….although if the whole thing was that critical for the future of human kind then we really shouldn’t be hassling Judas because without him Jesus would never have had made this monumental sacrifice…Maybe he’d have ended up with a nice safe career in insurance instead.
  • The original, and if you prefer, primitive, celebrations of the approach of spring, when the animals and plants all start to regenerate. A celebration that was hijacked by the Christians to bolster support for their new, equally bizarre, religion.

But Keith Allen was a bit of a personal hero, so seeing him support this shit makes me start worrying. It’s a bit like discovering that Mark Steel was planning to vote for the BNP [DON’T PANIC HE ISN’T], or finding out that my wife reads the Daily Mail…

I used to joke with Michele that she was a regular buyer of the Daily Mail. Which was, obviously, a joke. She would never buy that rag. She simply found it on the train after work….every day. Every day.

The other day, Michele got busted. It was a day that we were both forced to waste by going into work. At the station we regularly buy Travelcards, the odd mag (Private Eye/Viz etc), and occasionally an Egg and Bacon Roll, from the nano-newsagents. Consequently they know us, and what we like; a sort of professional integrity:

  • Bloke: Travelcard is 1 and 2 yes ?
  • Me: Yep
  • Bloke: Egg bacon roll ?
  • Me: Yes please
  • Bloke[ to Michele]: Your Daily Mail ?
  • Michele: No! I don’t buy the Daily Mail! You know that!
  • Bloke [puzzled]: eh ?

So Michele, the truth is now out! Muwahhahahahahaha!

Good night.

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