Cool war

anti-war protest

…one of the great things about this country is it is a democracy and you are entitled to put your view but I’m also entitled to make my speech…

said Blair to the protester. And with that, the argument was over.
Some of us are beginning to wonder if, at the next election, Blair will not just push Gordo out of the way, but the rest of us as well.

…look, one of the great things about this country is that you are entitled to put [forward] your view every four years. But I’m entitled to tell you where you went wrong. Mr Bush, Mr Schwarzenegger and I are acting on behalf of the higher power of God, and we haven’t finished yet.

As a proud member of the new “coalition of the willing”, I am delighted to be a citizen^H^H^H^H^H^Hsubject of a country that is supporting the strong against the weak in so much of the world. As some thoughtful nobhead wrote to the Metro, let’s not forget the Israeli casualties. Yeah, every Israeli is worth 100 Lebanese peasants^H^H^H^H^H^Hterrorists. So, we must thank God for the American cluster bombs which are being sold to the Israelis by the planeload (via Scotland). These holy bombs are surgically taking out the pockets of terror (or “towns” as the terrorists call them) whilst under the brutal bombardment of the Lebanese indoor fireworks.

Where would we be without Israel, the little scamps ? Well we’d probably be very, very concerned about Iraq and Afganistan where the western-induced civil wars are killing people at a rate that only the Rwandan Hutus could comprehend. Or perhaps we’d be worried about one of the many wars being waged in Africa.
Probably not though…Fox news doesn’t seem that interested so why should the general public ?

Meanwhile, my utopian dreams about a cool, air-conditioned America are being shattered by news of power cuts and soaring temperatures. It’s almost as if the evnironmentalists and anti-capitalists were right or something!

So, I looked on the Internet for details about solar powered aircon. Of course it exists, but it’s expensive and not too environmentally friendly. Unless that is you go for a home-brew solution. It was comforting, and highly predictable, that an Aussie would have published tehnical details of his home-brew, solar powered air-con system, but I was even more comforted to know that the Romans had invented solar aircon first.

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