After the storm

The end of September has arrived and with it a huge cloud of fresh-faced, excited, youthful, happy, optimistic, bastard students. The air is full of hormones and the neverending sound of joyful laughter – I can’t stand it.

On Sunday, while I was in the laundry, I heard a young couple chatting. I doubt they even liked each other but the fearful, nervous, excitement resulted in them both laughing at whatever the other one said in an almost maniacal way; no matter what the topic of conversation.
“It’s like some sort of erm…shop or something here isn’t it ?”
“Let’s go over there!”
“HAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAA! OK Yeah! Hey we could go in the garden!”

I like it all really – it’s just a bit of a reminder that another year has passed and we’re still in this poxy “temporary” flat…nice though it is in reality.

Work has slowly been building up towards a crescendo of stress. Today was another boss day where the bubble bursts…only to refill for a bigger bubble next week.

But at this time of night, listening to some crap music, and writing my blog whilst Michele and Humphrey sleep soundly in the next room, it all seems really mellow.

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