WWDC in first person

A great deal has happened over the last 10 months, and very little of it was blogable; not because it was naughty or libelous, but because I needed a source of income and so I couldn’t risk upsetting my employers any more than I had already.
Things have now changed, lessons have been learned (on all sides), and the company feels like it’s together enough to produce what it promised: a genuinely good suite of products that all work together. That they’re also flying me and a colleague out to WWDC tomorrow also helps immeasurably; it’s exciting for too many reasons to articulate in my current state of mind.
Obviously I’ll try to bore you, dear reader, as much as I can about WWDC and San Francisco – but be warned that there’s a strong possibility of meeting up with My Dear Dirty Tom while I’m there so it may turn out to be ever so slightly interesting.
San Francisco alone is an exciting prospect, but the WWDC schedule makes it look like a geeks paradise.

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