Wunch of Bankers

A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it rains.
– Robert Frost

The co-operative bank refused to pay a direct debit to Orange because it would have taken me over my overdraft limit on an old account. They then charged me 35 quid as punishment, which took me over my overdraft limit. Well it’s only fair isn’t it ? I had transgressed the bank rules so I was asking for it really. Only fair. And on the 21st I’m looking forward to a bunch more bizarre, but legally justified, charges that I don’t understand. So I decided to bring myself down a bit more by trying to reason with a couple of call-centre operatives in Newcastle.
As a co-op customer, and thus investor, I’m a shade irritated that they continue to squander my money on British staff and their unreasonable demands of mediocre pay. What sort of business sense does that make when all of the other right-thinking business have relocated their call centres to India where they can pay shockingly low amounts of money for the same job ? No wonder this country’s in such a state, you couldn’t make it up, we’re going to hell in a bandcart etc etc

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