Would you like to unfasten my braid ?

Two years ago, if you’d asked me if I could ever love someone/thing with feathers, I’d have thought you were barking. And you would have been – it’s a bizarre question to ask someone. But now, as I type on this parrot-shit caked keyboard, I think of my dear little humph and her innocent, earnest, face, and it makes me feel strangely loved-up. Perhaps we need children now…(Michele and I, not the bird…)
I’m also thinking of Michele, in her distant luxury hotel. This week I realised just how much I depend on my sweet bat. Thanks meanie.
Sorry all – this wasn’t supposed to be a maudlin, soppy blog but that’s just how it came out.
This afternoon and all day tomorrow I’m off work for unbloggable reasons.

What a crap blog. Sorry.

BTW – I loved HHGTTG despite this “expert” opinion. I intended to write to this character and point out what a nob he is, but it seems that he’s already done a good job of doing it himself.
Good night.

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