Wii, Bike, Jazz, Xen, NGINX

Not long ago an incredible games console was released that had astounding graphics and sound. Never having been into video games, I never bought one; they were expensive and so were the games. But there was one game that really intrigued me and could inspire long sessions playing on other people’s consoles. It was only today that I realised Ecco The Dolphin was released on the Sega Mega-Drive (Genesis) 20 years ago. 20 bloody years ago! How the hell did that happen? Time is cruel.
Some updates:

  • We got given a Wii by some lovely friends who are leaving Philly and heading home to the motherland. Today I hacked it for homebrew and can now not only play my beloved Ecco, but can watch my entire video collection without having to convert it to MP4.
  • On Friday, this blog, the server on which it and a number of websites were hosted, vanished. This is another in a long line of hosting cock-ups that have been hammering away at my soul for the last 12 months. The details are unimportant but yet again I’ve had to reconstruct my “recent” blog posts from Google’s cache and now I have to convert my extensive Apache configurations to nginx. As it turns out I’d planned to do this already but not at such short notice. BTW in case you weren’t aware, nginx is the dogs bollocks. So is mosh.
  • Mr B invited me along to see an excellent Jazz Band he’s promoting at Chris’ Jazz Cafe during the week. It was a truly brilliant evening.
  • With yet more encouragement from Mr B I finally stopped mincing and actually bought a bike on Saturday! I love it too. After actually getting it out of the shop we took a cycle from home to Kelly Drive. It killed my knees by the end, but thanks to some stretching exercises my legs were fine the next day. It’s just my arse that’s sore.
  • After realising that a Nexus 7 is a comfortable replacement for my work-bought iPad, I sent the latter to my family in London. Despite some unpleasantness with HMRC, they got it and now our weekly Skype chats from “the computer room” have turned into Facetime chats from the hub of the living room. It’s like being in the room with everyone! My niece grows lovelier by the week.

Er…that’s it.

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