Where hearts were entertaining June

After 3 months of waiting, the gloriously beautiful Criterion Collection DVD box-set release of Brazil is now mine! I bought it from eBay and of course it never arrived; it was sent by post and, as every English person knows, the Post Office is now total shit and staffed by crooks on contract. However, when I complained, the vendor shipped me a new copy and I paid courier charges. Thanks – i got it and it’s perfect. In case you didn’t know, Brazil is my all time favourite film and so I wanted to own a good copy. This is a 3 DVD set containing all of the nerdy history behind the film’s release together with the version produced by Hollywood (Universal in fact) who decided that rather than being a beautiful political horror story it was, in fact, a lame love story. If you’ve ever wanted to see an example of how editing can break a piece of media/art etc then watch this.
Terry Gilliam has been elevated, in my mind at least, from mentor to hero since watching this beautifully put together collection. Criterion rule!

Gilliam took his battle with Sid Sheinberg at Universal into the public arena. An act that the latter described as “guerilla tactics”. Gilliam simply said that he wasn’t prepared to fight on their terms and with their weapons. It would be a massive understatement to say that I like that comment.

It’s all getting a tad sad at my (previous) workplace. Jif is fucking off forever and Lisa is going to disappear for a month. All very sad. As is going back to the union. For the first time in years I feel out of place there. Another new intake of students and staff help to destory any continuity and create a slightly sad atmosphere…IMO anyway.
We really need to move abroad. It will be very sad to leave my family, especially after the superb roast lamb we had tonight. It was a great night all round in fact.

Yet another apology to those, and you know who you are, whom I have neglected. I promise to write soon.

Night yall,

Alex – you were so right abount Basement Jaxx.

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