What’s going on ?

My last employer is having technical difficulties. As much as I’d like to say “If I’d been there it would have been sorted out by now” I can’t because, sadly, it’s not true. BT are, as usual, to blame. Now, if I were running my previous place of employment I would have sorted it out by now. But that’s a very unlikely thing. “Clearing” week is probably the most critical week for keeping Internet access going. Especially when web servers are hosted locally. There are lots of ways around this, all expensive and all BT should be paying for.
Regardless, laziness meant that my email was still hosted there. This has now been sorted out but still makes me want to jump up down on the face of BT senior executives.

That aside, my new job has been weirding me out, although not in an unpleasnt way. As the only non-American team-mates have been either working from home or on leave I have been working from home a lot. There’s nothing I can do in the office that I can’t do at home….well…apart from feel quite so depressed. I do that much better in a straight, tedious office environment. Open-plan offices are much like being married to a bunch of strangers..only without the love. I didn’t say “sex” there because I’m sure that’s rife. Frankly I can’t image anyone at my new workplace who could be found exiting by anyone else. Unless they were just plain kinky and really went for tedious, straight twats. I miss my work mates…
Working from home obviously has its advantages: keeping parrots company, not having to travel, not paying for lunch etc. But it also has its disadvantages: missing the company of humans; not having an excuse to go out; the ergonomics of the seating arrangements and, of course, daytime television. Consequently I have occasionally been going into the office just to remind myself of how lonely one can feel in a building full of strangers who are all professional miserable motherfuckers on the side. Now a new workmate has enlightened me to the joy of call1899 my home calls to the U.S. are so cheap that I’m having problems justifying the bus fare to Lewisham. Especially now that the fare machines are all either broken or nobbled by junkies, in such desperate need of pound coins that they will go to the trouble of block the sodding things up with chewing gum.
I’m still waiting for some project work. Until then I’m engaged in some interim jobs. Interesting jobs, but they don’t seem to count as much..what am I talking about.
Nighty night.

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