What would Tom Paine do ?

The middle classes over here would, if the coverage on the radio was anything to go by, think that Obama was a dead cert for the White House. In reality, the situation is far more grim. I used to think that Obama was the best of a bad lot. But now I think he’s a genuinely good candidate, with a shocking amount of integrity, and someone who really could save America from the slow, terminal disease it’s currently suffering.
The resultant excitement makes us all forget that the war against Hillary isn’t over, and even when it is he’s still got to deal with the corruption, the dirty tricks, and the fact that America has an enormous amount of latent racism to deal with…which is odd considering that for the last 200 years it’s been a nation of immigrants.
Trying to keep up with the news from home is quite difficult. On one hand, they’ve prevented some pointless, blinkered, anti-abortion law (props to Simone on The World Service for arguing, quite firmly, on the side of righteousness) from going through, on the other hand Boris Johnson is Mayor of London…what were you thinking you London wankers ?
As it was my 37th birthday recently, Michele thought she would get me an appropriate t-shirt. She couldn’t find one in the shops, so decided to make one, and researched some suitable content. It turns out that Tom Paine also entered America on his 37th birthday (much like I did on mine) and so she went to cafepress to make me a t-shirt that says “What Would Tom Paine Do ?” Thanks bat – I love you. Not like either of us would actually compare me to Tom Paine but it’s still nice to think we had something in common.

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