What is Anonymous?

Anonymous at Scientology in LAThe last year has seen some seriously interesting stories that have been either totally missed or totally misunderstood by the mainstream media. The first time I read an article discussing ‘the “Anonymous” Internet group’ attacking some site or other I was highly amused; it was obvious that they missed the point about what Anonymous is. Since then a lot has changed, and a complex set of intertwined stories concerning espionage, sabotage and corruption has emerged into the public domain that not only highlights some very dirty business within the Secret Service, but also how powerless they really are. It’s extremely difficult to summarise all of this stuff so I’ll have to leave that for another time.

Regardless, the latest press-release from Anonymous is absolutely wonderful:

The Koch brothers (odious, rich, corrupt bastards that they appear to be) have been hacked by Anonymous, just like the hopeless HBGary and ACS Law cretins were previously. Shed no tears btw – these people are real scum.

The best bit is that Anonymous are still at large, totally unstoppable and no-one outside of Anonymous seems to understand why!

There’s a reason why they wear V masks.

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