Today the news was full to the brim with live reports from rookie reporters standing by cash machines (ATM and MAC are two acronyms I refuse to use in relation to these devices because they have far better uses in the networking arena). The reason ? A crappy UK bank has decided that the only way to combat cash machine fraud is by asking their customers to use cash machines less frequently…brilliant. Save 1000s of pounds by spending less! Free yourselves from debt by not borrowing! Thanks banks!

Nice week really (despite the perpetual despair track that keeps playing in my head). Michele was 33 on wednesday and so we went to a restaurant that has good reviews. Service: Great! Atmos: Great! Food: Superb! Price: Bloody hells bells… No regrets, but be warned…17 quid for a bottle of the cheapest wine… Nonetheless, a great evening. Happy birthday bat!

The rest of the week was work and very, very tedious and demoralising. Luckily the extra-curricular life made it more acceptable.
I also managed to arrange a drink up with two old and good friends: Hubert and Toby on sunday. Toby doesn’t know about Hubert being there unless he read’s my blog. But as they are utterly bloody-nice chaps I’m sure it will make for a good night. Hube is going to be late because he’s going to be watching the blooking-bastard-fucking football… I despair.

Tonight, Tony is going to come over for the night – he’s on a long weekend from France and has to make an early start tomorrow. Good timing! Can’t wait!


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