War Is Peace

Now that the nasty Lebanon business is “finished” we can turn our attention away from Israel’s break of the ceasefire, and the thousands of innocent bodies, and look back to the mass-murder currently going on in the New Democratic Republic of Iraq. We are now being asked to give a monkey’s toss about Saddam’s trial for his genocide of the Kurds.
There was a very interesting exchange on the Today programme this morning between Sadakat Kadri, John Humphries and MP Ann Clewyd (Blair’s human rights monkey). Mr Kadri wondered aloud why the democratic trial had skipped over the issue of the Kuwait invasion, suggesting that it might sound too much like the US/UK invasions of recent years and perhaps highlight the hipocracy of the situation. Ann was quick to defend by asking “have you actually been to Iraq ?” Mr Kadri had to accept that no, he hadn’t….but what difference could that POSSIBLY make ? Humphries lept on this golden opportunity and got her to admit the undeniable truth that the place is fucked, and even the UK ambassador had said that “civil war was more likely in Iraq than democracy”. Despite the fact that this is an example of lead-weight understatement, and that what he meant was “Jesus Christ get me out of here there’s a bloody civil war going on!” she had the nerve to try and argue that it “wasn’t all bad”…YES IT IS! It’s very, very, very, bad indeed. And it’s YOUR FAULT. The only cheery thought I have is of you and your bastard, murdering, colleagues sitting in your retirement homes looking back at the mass murder that you were directly responsible for and worrying about your progress in the afterlife. Don’t worry – your seats are already being warmed by the horned one in anticipation.

It’s great being an atheist, you get to taunt religious people with their own inventions!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, the mainstream media have picked up on the fact that PFI is bleeding us all dry, ruining everything we hold dear in order to line the pockets of a handful of cynical over-rich bastards. Despite Private Eye printing the gory details of this malfeasance for many years the mainstream have only just scratched the surface. Of course, none of it makes it into the popular press because that’s got its hands full generating mass panic about the phantom terrorists.

Apologies for the tone of this blog. I ran out of anti-depressants a couple of days ago. We did have a lovely day in Blackheath yesterday though, so it’s not all bad.

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