War is heck

Those of you unlucky enough to be deprived of UK TV (and that includes a significant number of the British middle-class) will miss Love Soup which is, in my not so humble opinion, the best thing ever. OK – probably not that good but it I can’t plug it enough. If you missed it, either buy the inevitable DVD or get a torrent from somewhere – in fact, if you find a torrent then please mail it to me. In a few years it will be rediscovered as a masterpiece…then we can all be smug that we loved it “when it was first on” 🙂

During the previous BT fubar I had a brief but welcome chat with an ex-work-colleague who wisely suggested that I get some AFK time in “that park I like”. So we did – on Sunday, Michele and I went back to the Tarn in Eltham…the weather was shite by the time we got there but it was still the most relaxing and life-affirming experience I’ve had for ages. We saw paired Mallards, Moorhens, Coots, Geese, a Pigeon in a hole in a tree and several rats. This is what we want to see! So nice. Especially when combined with a walk and followed by a dinner at my parents.

In attempt to prop-up my memory, recent events include:

  • Message 05 with Eric Allman last week (Thursday)
  • Sendmail TLS
  • Thinkball
  • Smoking bans, section 44, tories saying that Labour are always trying to ban things, Blunkett’s troubles, WBush still not getting struck by Lightning
  • Jonathan Millar’s “Brief history of disbelief
  • Snore-Eeze
  • Chris, Limewire and Bob Newhart
  • What evil lurks in data Cards

Night everyone.

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