Unemployed quiz

Are you unemployed, mentally-ill or just a masochist ? If so you probably watch daytime TV, and this quiz is for you:

How many Kitchen Directs are there ?
A> 12
B> 5
C> There’s only one

If you’ve got debts, mortgage arrears and even CCJs is it possible to still get a loan ?
A> No
B> Yes, and at very competative rates of interest

If you hurt yourself at work, maybe by slipping in the foyer or by falling off your lorry when you’re lacing the cover, how difficult is it to get compensation ?
A> You can’t
B> You can, but it’s difficult and probably very expensive
C> Just one phonecall to claims direct is all you need

What is the most annoying thing in the world ?
A> Harry Hastings
B> Barry Scott’s shouty voice
C> The dysfunctional, rubber Dolmio family
D> The theme music from “This Morning”
E> That old puncher who’s going to “do that equity release thing”

The Purple people have helped thousands of people. But how ?
A> Helped them buy new cars
B> Improve their homes
C> Consolidate debts into managable chunks
D> All of the above

Which of the following are a bit like that in life ?
A> A great big onion
B> A piece of shit
C> Tidying up the garden can seem like hard work, but it’s great when it’s all done.

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