Ullo John…part 2

As predicted, the next day we received an email, followed, a couple of hours later, by a call. They weren’t willing to shift on the price, but “just wanted to stay in touch.” Yeah, right. I’m pretty confident that by the end of the day they would have called back with a new offer but after doing some research we’d realised that the offer they did give us was pretty good and so we’d arranged for the bank to up the loan. In fairness, we’d picked our limit without taking sales tax and registration into account so it’s not so bad.

So, armed with the new bank draft Michele headed off to the dealer. I decided not to go along because the continual barrage of lies and bullshit that would be fired at us would probably have made me very angry. As things transpired, I was absolutely right.

Firstly, there was one aspect of our previous visit I neglected to include in my post; the “accidental” bad mathematics. Our salesman, with his big desktop calculator, was flustered and apparently not very good at maths. He kept hitting the wrong keys, and working things out in the wrong order bless him. At one point he added the cost of our trade in to the price instead of taking it away! Silly billy! Of course, I was only too willing to correct his numerous errors for him – he was very grateful of course.

Last night, the boss fella, a sour-faced, crooked little weasel called Joe, made exactly the same mistakes as our salesmen did the night before! They must have gone to the same school. Luckily, Michele was on the lookout and spotted it. The guy wouldn’t budge. By now she was tired and weary and not in the mood to deal with a penny pinching shyster, so she told him what she thought of him and withdrew the trade-in. We’ll get more for the Buick than that by donating it to the Sally Am. She left it at the dealers and so today we’ve got to go and pick it up. I have a nasty feeling there will be more lies, bullshit and avarice in store.

So we now have a new car and more debt. Whoohoo.

As it is the same colour as an American Robin’s chest, we have named him Robin.

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