Touch of Death

A week and a half ago I gave up drinking. My reward has been three days of ludicrously high fevers, stomach cramps, and pains just about everywhere else. Thanks body. It’s probably all of the grapefruit and sodas I’ve been forced to drink in pubs.
Thankfully recent developments in non-penicillin antibiotics have provided me with a disturbingly rapid cure. You never remember how bad being ill feels until you’re ill again. Even now I can’t remember anything beyond lying in bed and moaning, yet at the time I know I just wanted to curl up and die.
Where was I going with this ? I don’t know. Sorry.

Excuse the titles of these blogs but after watching a hilarious sharkjumper of a Quincy episode today (“Next Stop, Nowhere”) I’ve decided to use Quincy episode titles for a while.
God I really should get some sleep and stop spouting this drivel.

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