Top of the fascists

Italy has forged ahead in the pan-European race towards Fascism by bringing back the blackshirts! Obviously they’re not actually wearing black shirts any more, this isn’t the 1920’s! No, now they’re wearing beige shirts, but the racist underpinnings are exactly the same. All bad things are as a result of the immigrants. Go Italy!
You better buck your ideas up Britain; putting neo-nazis into the EU was a coup, but Italy has now knocked you down the leaderboard with its invocation of the the thug paramilitary.

Meanwhile, in the utopia that is the USA, we are fortunate enough to be witnessing an historical set of events that could well be the most epic of fails in the history of the country. It’s tragic that The Daily Show is still the only serious journalism available nationally here. There was even an interview with Ron Paul, during which Jon Stewart managed to ask him the one question I’ve wanted to hear answered by the Libertarians: how do you prevent Corporatism. Watch at about 6 minutes in to see Ron gracefully dodge the question.

The only potentially viable alternative to Jon Stewart is with PBS/NPR, but really it’s pathetic. This evening, because I was off work today (gutrot), I managed to watch the BBC World News on WHYY. As the end titles were rolling we were subjected to the list of wonderfully philanthropic benefactors who are responsible for us being privileged to watch it. As if this wasn’t bad enough, it was followed by three commercials^H^H^H^H^H^H^H PSAs that could be the nominees for the international irony awards:

  • Firstly, a promo for PBS/NPR. This consisted of a handful of “artists” giving soundbytes on why pubic media is important. One of which included the phrase “we prefer a conversation, rather than a soundbyte.” Genius.
  • Next was a commercial^H^H^H^H^H^H^H PSA from Monsanto explaining how they help farmers, save terminally ill babies and cure lepers [ok the last two were a slight exaggeration. Slight].
  • As if the Ironometer could take any more, the next commercial^WPSA was from Toyota (the car manufacturer), explaining that they don’t just manufacture cars, but they also devote themselves to saving the environment.

It’s very important to realise that these weren’t commercials; they were PSAs. Now you may wonder what the difference is between the two and the answer is quite simple: I’m buggered if I know.

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