Time travel

Time travel can have a very strong impact on the human body and mind. Two weeks ago Michele and I went to the UK, and as soon as we landed I traveled forwards in time two weeks. Now I’m on the sofa surrounded by birds and a bat. For some weird reason I have memories of the missing two weeks, but it seems more like a dream. Now it’s Sunday night and I’m back to work tomorrow. Which life is real, the one in London or the one here? Or is this all a dream?

All that’s left is a few scenic photos and some memories. For the benefit of my LTM, the memories include:

  • Nights at the Hob, the Walpole, the Amersham, the Glasshouse, the Market Porter
  • Lots and lots of lovely, lovely, people who we both really miss…but we still missed out on seeing loads of others – mainly because of the crapper than usual weather which kept us snuggled up indoors for most of the first week
  • Food and drink! Curries, kebabs, a particularly good steak pie, wine, beer, Calvados and all-sorts…not to mention my mum’s peerless roasts and breakfasts
  • Scenery, history and vibes
  • Family, which we both miss

Now we’re back and the birds were very happy to see us. While we were away Pepper reverted to her bad old ways, probably thinking we had abandoned her. As a result Michele and I have both sustained many nasty bites and blood has been drawn. But after the application of some gentle re-education and love she has calmed done and for the last couple of days hasn’t even threatened me with a bite. Poor confused little girl.
Leo has been even more loving than usual – it’s very flattering to be recognised by a small bird, let alone be adored by one.
Work tomorrow.
Despite that, it’s good to be home.

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