Tick Tock

It still jars when some website or other asks for “your country” and I have to skip over “United Kingdom” for “United States of America.” The same thing applies to selecting “EST (GMT-5)” from the timezone lists, rather than GMT. It just seems wrong. Nonetheless, when the clock hit 2008-01-01:0000 (-0500) , it did feel like the new year had arrived. That’s mainly because we were having a good time.

New year’s day was another much appreciated day off work, and so I developed a really shitty cold so that it could be efficiently wasted. The area around my nose still feels like it’s filled with Napalm. However, now that the tortuous process of selecting healthcrap plans via the borg website is complete, we should both soon be able to go to a doctor without arranging a mortgage beforehand. Again, the next time you get irritated waiting in an NHS hospital A&E room, just read a book and feel smug.

Other than that, and a few other car-related annoyances, living here feels almost exactly the same as it does in the UK. The accents that surround me at work now sound as normal as English accents probably did in the UK: I can’t remember for sure. The human brain is very good at used to that sort of thing.

There’s a lot more I’d like to say, in particular about the encroachment of the borg, but my limiter chip is preventing me.

Be nice.

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