The joy of the new year and all of the optimistic happiness derived therefrom

According to the voice of the internets, everything’s going great! Saddam, that evil, evil, wicked, evil, wicked dictator, Saddam “evil wicked” Hussein, has been murdered by the “democratically elected government of Iraq(tm)(R)” (formally known as the puppets of the USA). Peculiarly, Saddam was also formerly known as the puppet of the USA. In fact, without the help of the USA, Saddam Hussein and the Baath party would never have governed Iraq. Nor would the Taliban have governed Afghanistan.
Funny old world.
Saddam bouncingWatching the webternets’ reaction to the world is quite a fascinating way to waste considerable chunks of one’s all-too-scarce time on this earth. Not since Steve Irwin copped it have I seen such a huge reaction to the death of a human being as when Saddam was killed. Of course the reaction was nowhere near as great as that which Irwin received but entertaining nonetheless. First came the announcements, then the videos, then the humorously edited videos, like the one displayed here.
You don’t and should not care what I think of this event, but that’s all the more reason for me to document it:

  • If a government is genuinely civilised then they would never condone a state sponsored murder. Therefore the death penalty is wrong.
  • Saddam was a shitbag. He was also trained, funded and put in power by the US and the UK and probably others. I don’t care what happens to him but I also don’t want anyone to think I agree with that grinning simpleton Blair.
  • The “outrage” against the mobile phone footage of his death is outrageous. Now look here, we’re going to kill a human being! It’s a serious business and we should give the person we’re about to murder a bit of respect. Fuck off, I’d rather have the piss taken out of me by some twat with a mobile phone than be killed by a large, impotent, bunch of jumped-up puppet-government tossers.
  • In terms of mass murder, he is pathetic. Bush has killed far more innocent people. I’ll happily watch that un-American bastard get killed.
  • Margaret Beckett and Tony Blair are, in my opinion, as disgusting and despicable as Bush, Hussein and all of the rest of the bastards; they openly put forward their support for a revolting act of human brutality and dress it up as justifiable. You’re both headed for the ninth circle, together with Jack Straw.
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