The End

Here’s a random anecdote that I’m including for posterity. A while ago, Nedene had a hen night. Being girls, they managed to get to the station late. In fact, just in time to see the train leave. Rather than put up with it and wait in the cold, Nedene stuck out her fishnet-stocking-clad leg…and the fucking train stopped and reversed, probably breaking several laws and Railtrack regulations! Really! The driver clearly felt their plight, or wanted to, and they got on!
It’s not fair; that wouldn’t work for me.

Easter’s coming up which means yet more paid leave! The public sector rocks! However, this bloody project is still eating up my free time. But, I’m going to go and see Brodie, wander down to Greenwich to check out a new hotel to assess its suitability for my father-in-law and try to relax before my heart and lungs give out. Random things:

  • We might even get a chance to address the 14,000 sheets of paper sent to us by the U.S. immigration service about my visa to live in the U.S.
  • It’s been a year since we temporarily moved in to halls. How depressing. At least they’ve been kind to us thus far.
  • We didn’t pay a deposit
  • I have a sleepy parrot on my leg and she’s lovely.
  • Thanks to Ella, I have rekindled my love of Fairport Convention…ahh
  • My broken laptop has returned from the menders after about 10 years…dear laptop. How I’ve missed you. Humph too.
  • On saturday I went to a big “troops out” demo with Dave H’s family. God has clearly changed his mind about the left, because the sun stayed out.
  • Probably other things…

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