The end of the week on Monday

Sunday ends just as Monday begins. Doesn’t that suck ?

Michele has been practicing her henna tattoo skills after getting inspired by one of her clients. She has drawn all kinds of hippy patterns on her hand. She also drew an excellent cartoon parrot on my left forearm which has now, sadly, worn off. So this weekend she gave me a henna tattoo of some fashionable chinese writing on my right wrist. Mine says “Sauteed, stir-fried beef in melon sauce”. A moving sentiment I’m sure you’ll agree. Next time I see Bob from the Walpole (a native Mandarin speaker – you’re right, that isn’t his real name) I’m going to proudly show it to him and tell him it means “love and peace” just to see the look on his face 🙂

Have you heard about those irresponsible parents of the innocent Brazillian man murdered by the Police for no good (publicly announced) reason ? They’ve only gone and sided with a bunch of violent, mad, pacifist, lefties! Why are they so irresponsible ? Surely they should behave like good citizens and shut the fuck up, go back to Brazil and stop questioning authority. Questioning anything is so ungodly you know.

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