The Emperor’s New Visual Identity

Once upon a time there was an Emperor who was a bit crap. One day he had a thought: “what if I were to be rebranded ? Maybe people would take me more seriously and perhaps I’d be less crap.”
So the Emperor called the finest consultants in the land and gave them a ludicrous amount of his wealth. The consultants returned in 6 months with a small piece of fag packet, onto which was scrawled a badly drawn crown and the phrase “B0 Emperor!”. The Emperor was furious when he saw how little they had produced in return for his great wealth and ordered the guards to kill the consultants.
“No your highness,” pleaded the consultants, “this is no ordinary logo! It’s a magic logo! It will make everyone in the land respect you except for the very, very foolish.”

You know the rest so I won’t bother to continue.

On a totally different topic, Goldsmiths College has recently been rebranded and they have a glorious new logo:

Goldsmiths' new, familiar looking logo
But it’s more than just a logo! It’s a new visual identity! At this point I feel I should stress that just because it’s the same as the previous logo, but in a different font, and cost £143,000 ($224,000), doesn’t mean it’s an obvious fucking con. It also doesn’t mean that the management there are a bunch of pig-ignorant dullards who don’t know their arses from their elbows.
All I’m saying is, if I were to be put in charge of rebranding, I’d want something more impressive like this:
Goldsmiths in sparkling gold
But that’s because I’ve been getting into PimpZilla a bit too much…and GoldAmp.

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