Never forget the BNP are a bunch of racist, fascistic bastards. Please.
All of the political parties have suddenly realised that the BNP have become a viable threat and so this week the BNP have been getting a lot of publicity. So, it is very important to remind everyone, at every opportunity, that the BNP are a nasty bunch of bastards and that fascism is not, was not, and will never be a good thing. The fact that asian people in East London are talking about supporting the BNP shows that this simple message is not getting through. And as for the Greek-Armenian candidate “Sharif Abdel Gawad” – you sir are either stupid and deluded, ignorant and deluded or just deluded. What the fucking fuck do you think the BNP are all about ?
I’m against banning them, and I’m against censoring them, and so I’m consequently heavily in favour of pointing out to everyone, at every opportunity, what an evil bunch of bastards they are.

My dad and I were talking about this earlier today and we agreed that the older generations were able to be convinced that the BNP were not voteworthy by association with the Nazis and the Fascists. But as the older generations die off, what if people forget and start believing all of the old, simple, lies about “trains running on time” etc ? What if fascism starts sounding credible and reasonable! Everyone who is horrified by this idea needs to take action NOW!

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