Stupid people

On the way to work this morning we saw a mullet-headed, mustachioed, baseball cap-wearing, smoking, cock-end who was not only driving the most obnoxious vehicle you can imagine, but he had adorned the rear with a sticker that read “Drill Here. Drill Now. For Cheaper Gas Prices.”

This I find offensive. Not just because he’s talking about drilling yet more oil so he can drive his pathetic cock on wheels for a bit longer, but because it seems abominable that someone as utterly stupid as he should be allowed out of his house, let alone on the road.

One the way home I sat on a bus, in a traffic jam, with three of the loudest, most ill-informed fuckwits sitting directly behind me, all discussing the bible. For the entire journey. If the jam hadn’t cleared when it did there would have been ambulances.

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