Start of a new week

Lots of stuff to talk about, but most of it is pretty uninteresting to people who aren’t me.
Last night was a lovely evening with my parents. My mum’s superb Lamb Casserole, good conversation and a lot of laughing. Surely that’s what life is about ?
Humph has been a little love recently. In fact, as I type, he’s singing and performing for my left hand. Sweet bird. He spends so much time on us that I worry about him while I sleep. A few years ago I used to dream about our servers…mainly /var filling up. Nowadays I have David Cronenberg-style dreams laced with images of Humph getting hurt. Why ? That’s not fair! I want to dream about nice things, and why shouldn’t it ? Humph is now sleeping next to my hand – you’ve got to admit that he (she) is a lovely bird 🙂
Busy day – apart from all of the firefighting, the new webserver arrived and this afternoon Geoff, JohnK and I installed it into the rack. Our first Opteron (cool if you’re sad).

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