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It’s been a while I know. But there are reasons. Firstly we didn’t have IP until very recently (it was hell).Secondly I have been through a very, very low period. There are many reasons for this that I don’t intend to go into but now we are in our new flat,things are beginning to look more normal.
Thirdly, I have actually written stuff but it’s a bit depressing and, to be honest, scares me when I read it.

So – starting afresh.

Had a birthday and it passed very quickly (thank god); I was asleep by 7pm.The Absinth I rejected turned up in a plastic glass, shoved between our window bars (basement flat in New Cross remember) with the words “you cannot escape the green goblin” scrawled on the side in eyeliner. I still have it, and how thanful I am that my brain was together enough to reject it at the time- despite allowing a tequila first…

BTW- there’s a mini supermarket along from New Cross station that sold me a tiramisu for 1.59 (UKP) that morning. Not only did this make a decent gift for the other Warmington slaves (a birthday tradition), but it was also one of the best Tiramisus I’ve ever tasted – second only to Tree’s, although in fairness hers was several orders of magnitude better…

Loads of other stuff went on recently that have provoked an emotional response, but I’ll discuss them later:

  • Reading “The Funny Times” and realising that there are Americans out there who, rightly, feel more irritated with Wanker than anyone outside the country
  • Seeing the predictible pictures of US and UK soldiers abusing Iraqis in a way that probably makes Saddam proud (P.S. despite what you might think, I don’t blame the soldiers….a topic for another time)
  • The Space-bar going on this keyboard
  • Blunkett storming ahead with the nextmove toward a police state


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