Some Football/Muggy-bonehead

Here is a random selection of football/muggy-bonehead:

  • Muggy-Bonehead: Video Howtos.
    HOWTOs were one of the best things about Linux when I first started. They explained exactly how to do something in simple layman’s terms. They were written in plain, easily comprehensible HTML and could be printed out to be used wherever your computer was located. Network was optional.
    But nowadays, people can’t just sit down and write clear and plain text, they all have to be fucking TV presenters. The You-Tube tutorial is one of the worst consequences of the cheap CCD. Rather than skimming a page for relevant information, we have to try and scrub through a tedious 10 minute video which mainly consists of some little twat’s poor typing on a black console screen! Just type it out in a text editor! You will not get famous, asked to present X-Factor or laid as a result of this bullshit. Type it out in plain text/HTML/Docbook and you will get the unspoken respect of thousands of your peers. If that isn’t enough for you, get a coke habit and leave the rest of us alone. Here’s an example: I wanted to find out about some of the inner details of the web-cam drivers under Linux. For example, what does GSPCA stand for and what interfaces does it provide? After a bollocksload of googling all I kept coming up against was this tedious fucking video of a geek with no communication skills, typing shit into a terminal:
    “Feel free to pause the video if you need to copy these lines into your terminal” – this is NOT progress. If, rather than trying to be the worlds least charismatic TV presenter, you had simply typed this shit into a text editor, we could “Copy and Paste” the lines directly into the terminal! Unless we were using Windows Phone 7 of course. Either way, you have a face for text-files – stop trying to make yourself more interesting and instead, gain some respect from your peers.
  • Football: The Toy Will Win is an excellent tech post and it made me happy.
  • Muggy Bonehead: Dan Bull. He did that open letter to Lily Allen thing and I liked it, and found myself liking him. But today his youthful smugness got right on my tits as he wrote another one of his identical semi-raps, but this time objecting to the “bad apples that spoiled an otherwise significant demonstration” – the students that raided Millbank. They’re not wankers Dan, you are. They’re angry – as am I – but they got up and caused some aggro, while you and I got on with our poxy day jobs. Your little publicity coup with the Lily song is now in the past – you’re going to have to try harder from now on. That you made a tune about the activists highlights the fact that you had heard of them. That’s because they got on the news. They got on the news because they started doing “bad” things. Much like the Poll Tax riots, the Brixton Riots, the Miners’ battle and all of the other significant public displays of anger that have shaped history. If no-one broke a window, no-one else would ever hear about the demonstration. Fuck you Dan Bull – you’re not angry enough to matter.

That’s enough for tonight. BTW I know Dan Bull doesn’t read this, but he is clearly the sort of bloke who Googles himself on a regular basis, so eventually he will.

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