So this is christmas

Like all of the christmas festivities this year, christmas itself was quiet and a little down. OK it could just be perception but there are some objectively crappy things that are probably more likely culprits:

  • My dad has Shingles and spent christmas in quite a bit of pain
  • There were only four of us – mainly due to my dad having shingles
  • The week before Christmas I had an argument with my sister – she got the right hump and I think she’s avoiding talking to me
  • Work has begun to intrude into my personal life yet again….forcing those scary long-term existential thoughts into my head
  • Batly has flown off to the States for 10 days. This blighted the last couple of days because I was thinking about it.
  • Denzil – the server on which my sites are hosted – crashed on saturday night, and that means it didn’t come back up until this morning 🙁

As Tony has pointed out, these are not really anything serious to worry about, but nonetheless they’ve taken their toll on my mood. So, I’ve been down, miserable and moody which has been rubbing off on other people and feeding back into a spiraling vortex of greyness.

So, in an attempt to sort out my mood, I’ll list some good things about this Christmas:

  • Michele got me some excellent presents: A book of card tricks, a book called 50 things you’re not supposed to know, and Schotts Original Miscillany. All great toilet books
  • Nice Christmas day dinner and my mum and dad seemed to like their presents
  • Good Christmas telly – we were both overjoyed to see Dawn finally come to her senses and also see David Brent tell Finchy to Fuck Off. Also BBC4. This channel is so righteous – not only did they show the entire “house of cards” on christmas eve (all 3 and half hours of which I sat through) but they also decided to repeat “a very peculair practice”, which really cheered me up. Despite being 15 years old, it is still as accurate about higher education establishments as it was then. BBC3 also showed the entire second series of Monkey Dust in one go too! Well worth a digibox
  • I got to see Tony and hopefully various other people that I don’t get to see often enough
  • Got to spend a couple of days doing nothing but veg about
  • Had some nice Wallies
  • I’ve still got a week off work
  • Dave H gave me his half finished PIC programmer kit – that should prove quite fun

There, that’ll do for now – I feel better already.

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