Showing matches to a caveman

From a little blog on the New York times:

We always risk and often achieve a “I just heard this great new band called Vampire Weekend” moment by recommending Internet Things, but it’s been a hard day…

And I’m going to take the same risk; sorry if you seen this, done this, know this already, don’t care either way, but I’m currently captivated by the simple, powerful, beauty of posterous. It’s been around for a while but I’ve only just appreciated what it does.

If you need to declare, brag, or shout about something and you don’t have a blog, just email whatever it is to and your email, together with any attachments, get instantly turned into a beautiful blog post. For example: You don’t need to set anything up, sign anything, or even think about it. Just send an email, and a few seconds later you get mailed back with the url of whatever you posted. Of course, should you wish, you can maintain the url and keep posting stuff to it – just like a real blog – but you don’t have to. Try it!

Whether it will scale, get clogged with spam, or just vanish, we’ll see. But I love to see a brilliant idea brilliantly executed, especially when it’s so simple.

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