Selling broken crap

Imagine inventing something that would be absolutely wonderful if it worked, but doesn’t. What would you do? Rip it up and start again?
Try to invent something else?

Alternatively, what about selling it in massive quantities, for vast profits, despite it not working? This is what vendors of Voice Recognition technology have done.

Voice recognition does not work. Never has. Never will (probably). Yet massive corporations buy it and use it all over the world. If you’ve ever had the experience of trying to persuade these robotic bastards that the customer id you just read to them is correct, you’ll understand. It feels like someone is deliberately trying to get you angry, just for a laugh. This technology clearly doesn’t work, yet these big companies keep buying it and using it. Why?

Well, there are two possible answers:

  1. They don’t know it doesn’t work, and buy it, and use it, in the belief that it works really well.
  2. They don’t give a fucking fuck because the only people using it are the customers who are, frankly, scum.

I’ll leave it to you, dear reader, to decide which it is.

Either way, I’d love to be able to sell a shit, broken, product to millions of massive companies around the world.

Maybe we could call it Windows.

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