The time when saturday night meant a night out, too much to drink, partying and the offchance of some sex with a stranger seems like an age ago. Nowadays the ideal saturday night is like the one I just had. After a tedious days programming we ordered a delicious curry from trafalgar tandoori, had a couple of bottles of vino collapso, watched Carry on Camping and Humphrey wandering about gaining confidence.

George Bush is on a state visit to England next week. Consequently I, like hundres of thousands of others, am taking Thursday off to demonstrate just how unwelcome he, and his 700 staff (count the cost U.S. taxpayers), are. Tony and Jack “Herr Flick” Straw have been really winding me up all week. After Tone’s “ok you can have your 10 minutes of democratic protest as long as you don’t come near London” speech, Jack Straw topped it by talking about the “fashionable anti-americanism amongst the left”. Listen Jack, we’re not anti-American, we’re not fashionable, a lot of us aren’t even left wing. We’re anti-Bush, and anti-YOU. Understand ?
Michele is planning to come along as “American against Bush”. As usual, she won’t be alone. Proportionally I’m sure there are as many anti-bushists in the USA as there are in Britain and Europe.
Already their state is starting to tell us about the “imminent risk from Al Quaeda”. This will help them in their defence after they cover a load of demonstrators with tear-gas and smoke on thursday. Because, when we’re trying to protect our freedom, our freedom must have limits.

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