Saturday idleness

The ideas of moving house, earning money and not being totally unhappy have been keeping me awake recently, so it was extra nice to spend the day in totally self indulgent vegetation. Played with my smart card reader, had some quality Humph time ( he’s currently making a collection of bizarre happy noises in his cage, despite the door being open), watched an episode of the prisoner and got hold of some juicy bittorrents…do a google.
My ibook is now back with me after a stupid length of time at the menders, thanks to a known mother board problem, so I’ve been taking advantage of the DVD player. The only DVD I actually own is SPACED, and whilst I love it it really reminds me of why we should all boycott DVDs. You pay your hard-earned cash for one of these fucking things and it starts dictating how you use it.
No – you can’t play this because it’s designed for a different country. Alright…just this once.
Fast forward through the crap at the beginning ?
Don’t talk to me like that!
Ooh, I missed a bit lets just go back five seconds. What ? No! You’ve gone back to the beginnng of the bloody episode! Arrrgh.
I can’t read the credits because they’re scrolling too fast. Pause. Arses they’re even more illegible now.

Now, if instead of buying the DVD I’d downloaded a rip then my faithful friend mplayer would let me play it without the attitude. I can go back and forward as much as I like and there’s none of this “NOT PERMITTED” cobblers. A video would have been even better and (contentious point here) the picture quality would have been better…DVDs suck. They’re not there for us, they’re there for the MAN.

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