s1m0ne and Barbershop

I forgot to mention what a good selection of films BA had on the flight back. Thankfully they’re sorting out 747-400s with personal TVs as opposed to those bloody projector film things that you can only see if you are right at the front of the cabin. Christ I hate those. Economy air travel is bad enough to get you irritated by your fellow passengers at the best of times…what you really don’t need is an extra reason to hate the tall bastard in the seat in front of you with elongated head for 8 fucking hours…
Outwards I got a chance to see S1m0ne – not bad at all. I was hoping that Kate Winslett was watching it two seats away, what with it being an entire film about replacing primadonna actors with computer simulations. But I don’t think she was; she certainly wasn’t laughing whan I was…but that could be because I was drinking quite a lot and laughing at most things.

On the way back I watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Barbershop”. Both made me laugh shockingly loud. Although again I was pretty pissed. The young air steward who had given us the 5 seats obviously took a liking to me because he kept giving me more red wine. Every time I asked for a bottle he handed me two. I wonder why ?

Since returning we’ve been grooving to Marvin Gaye “Got to give it up” because it reminds us of that scene in Barbershop.

A reasonable day at work, despite having a sysnet meeting. Managed a lunch at the pub drinking only grapefruit and soda. What a pain in the arse/gut.

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