Ready to kill somone

For the third time this month we have no Internet access! I’m in a state beyond normal anger.
Of course, we don’t know whose fault it is…the fact that it went down during scheduled engineering work at my local exchange and hasn’t come back up since is surely a co-incidence. Otherwise that would make BT the most incompetent, usless, bubmling, reckless cocks onf the whole of the fucking bastard planet.
So, I’m writing this using my mobile as a GPRS modem. 3 second ping times! I remember those! But oddly they don’t fill me with nostalgic joy.
In response to my ISP fulfilling their legal requirement by informing me that I may be charged if engineers are called out I mentioned that if BT tried to charge me there would be slayings of BT staff. He told me he could comment. He also asked me if I would video it and put a torrent on the net for him…I liked him.

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