Rachel Corrie was right

Taken a day off tomorrow. Partly because I need some sleep and partly because I can. The idea of doing another straight 5 days makes me want to cry. I know, in the grand scheme of things, me doing 5 days work really isn’t anything to get worried about – especially after watching a C4 documentary about Palestine this evening – but it doesn’t stop me feeling totally broken. Work today was ok too.We have a new web manager while Heidi is on maternity. This woman really does seem to have her head screwed on properly…either because she does have her head screwed on properly, or because she is a skilled social engineer and knows what to say. Either way she bought me a bowl of Thai soup so I like her 🙂
But last night involved some very late night work on one of our mail servers and so I wasn’t 100% today. So I decided to take a day off to try and get my head together. Humph helped a lot this evening by climbing on me earlier and falling asleep (he even put one leg up). What an understanding bird.
Here are some reasons why Michele and I should be given 10 million pounds:

  • So we could sort all of our parents out financially
  • So we don’t have to work, which would allow Michele to start a parrot rescue organisation and take care of ill-treated birds
  • So we can buy a house in the US and the UK, so we can both stay with our parents
  • So we don’t have to work, which would allow me to spend my life creating amusing but pointless programs and websites.
  • So we can both become philanthropists…difficult without any dough
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