Quitting Teh Facebooks

It’s been an emotional couple of days at work, and it culminated today with my fake Facebook persona being “outed” by a friend I inadvertently managed to piss-off (we’re all friends again now btw). The upshot of this was that I have deactivated my Facebook account. Non-Facebook-users will surely not be in the slightest bit interested in this, but it maybe of interest to the rest of you; thus begins a diary of going cold Turkey on Facebook.

In the unlikely event that there should be anyone who reads this blog and isn’t a former Facebook friend, please accept apologies for the cack that will probably end up getting posted here in future; all of the stuff that I used to post on Facebook (because it wasn’t interesting enough to blog) will now end up here… sorry.

So, here goes with the first post of the new era:
[clears throat]

After being in America for three years, I’m finally getting round to watching one of the cultural touchstones which have eluded me thus far: A Christmas Story. This film has been quoted, cited, and produced such astonishment from peers and friends when they discover I’ve never seen it (including twice today) that it seems necessary.

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