A while back I mentioned a passing interest in Morse code (or CW as the hams call it), but since then it has escalated to a significant interest, bordering on the obsessive. As obsessions go it’s not such a bad one I suppose, although the reaction of most people when I tell them is a combination confusion and pity. But it’s got to the stage where Suzanne (my CW co-conspirator) and I are planning to get a ham licence each. Do we really need this much geekiness in our lives ? Too late really, we both now own brand new morse keys and can happily recognise the alphabet. Oh dear.

Some good things from this week:

  • Meeting up with an old friend/colleague at a pub in the west-end that served Thatcher’s Heritage cider.
  • On the way home getting a legendary, cow-sized salt-beef sarny from Gaby’s Deli together with a latke, a pickled cucumber, and a complimentary falafel and sweet….as I say, it’s the little things.
  • Someone from Yahoo contacted me to ask if they could use one of my pictures for a feature article.
  • Managing to fix my parents Freeview PVR by replacing the knackered 80G hard drive (Maxtor) with a 200G Seagate. This is the first time I’ve bought a drive that wasn’t OEM; it’s amazing, you get a shiny box, a manual, a five year guarantee and everything!
  • Some nice evenings in the pub.
  • Long weekend ahead…
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