Pumpkin head

For some reason, I am the only person in the whole world who can open the lock to our flat, using my keys or the spare set. Today, Michele decided that finding her own keys was too much hassle because she had left them them somewhere stupid so took the spare keys. Last week she did the same thing and getting into the gaff was no problem. However, today sunspots, or something , prevented the lock from working. So, to cut a long story short, I left work and went home to help Michele get in. I’d already insisted that Michele come up to my work and meet me (in the SU bar) to get my keys; which she did. But these sunspots had really done a good job on the lock. Oddly, when I arrived, the lock worked perfectly first time with the spare set of keys. Maybe a cloud was blocking the sunspots ?

A great weekend. Friday Mod, Ian, Rach, Sid, Michele and I went to Kaya house and again had a really excellent time – not to mention really excellent food. Getting this meal organised had taken weeks. This is because we are now all over 30. In fact we nearly didn’t eat at all because, as I never answer my mobile, I missed 2 calls from the owner of the restaurant confirming the booking.

Saturday I worked in Farringdon with Ralph and Emma. However, I did get time to play. Any idea how many open wireless networks there are in London ?
I’d agreed to install any patches on Ralph’s cobalt and so on sunday morning I started the task armed with a cup of chai. For the second time in one week, I ended up trashing the system by sticking to the rules. The story is essentially very dull and so I wont relate it here – if you know what libc is, then you might be geek enough to be interested.

Michele is American you know. As a result we have just been carving a massive pumpkin for Halloween using a really rather cool pumpkin carving kit that Michele’s brother sent us.He also sent us a scary film of the pumpkin that he and Alexandra did. Whooooooooo!

At this time of year it is customary for self-righteous tossers to start banging on about how halloween is an American invention for inspiring people to go out and buy pointless stuff. Well I suppose it is. However it is nowhere near as much of a capitalfest as Christmas or easter and it seems to me that in the US it’s intended more as fun. Sadly, what we have in Britain is a poor pastiche by comparison, created entirely by tat manufacturers. But I love it and wish we had it here like it is in Philly. If we ever have kids we’ll be taking them out trick and treating. That reminds me, I must put our carboard dracula up at the window 🙂

Cheer up you miserable sods – it’s just a bit of fun. You wait til you see our pumpkin.

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