Progress, thanksgiving and parrots

Our little parrot has been ill. All we knew was that since we collected her from the quarantine she’s appeared a little lacklustre and her left foot has seemed quite painful to her. Yesterday we took her to a vet who is widely touted as being one of the best avian vets around.
After discussion and a little handling, he deduced that she was probably not well.
I think Michele and I had been trying to deny to ourselves that she was less active than before but there’s now no doubt about it. Two days of antibiotics and suddenly we’re seeing our old bird again. The only downside is that we have to give her an injection tomorrow morning; we’re going to stick a needle in our tiny little bird! Eek!

Tomorrow is “thanksgiving”. Michele’s mum (mom) is currently engaged in making a massively complicated, fantastic-smelling, pile of stuffing (after spending all day making other complex foodstuffs that smell fantastic) and Ralph has engineered the table so that it is a third bigger than it should be with no loss of quality in stability or appearance. He is a magician.

I’m actually quite excited about it, even though I don’t know what it’s all about! Well, there will be 12 people all eating and making merry so it can’t be too bad.

Work news…for another time.

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